What do you feel is the most constructive emotion/thought process?

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I feel that it is awareness, because it is crucial to be aware of what we do, what we think, how we feel, and the effects of these things. We can then recognize those things that hurt us and stop doing them. We can also recognize that which makes us happy and increase such behaviours…
“When we’re deluded there’s a world to escape. When we’re aware, there’s nothing to escape”
– Bodhidharma –
What do you think?
Was your choice influenced by your religious/spiritual beliefs?
Okey dokey, then let’s include states of consciousness too 🙂

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MoM oF 1/2 DoZeN

Faith because without it is it impossible to please or know God.

Bubbha Jo

Awareness is a state of consciousness, not an emotion or a thought process.
I’d stay the most construction one of those would be self-reflection.


hunger is the most constructive emotion i know of.
it is the base for any other growing


acceptance. Once you accept the way something is, you can achieve peace of mind.



joemcmcmcm s

sorry. i thought you said destructuve


I’d have to go with curiosity… it is the only way we can explore new concepts and break unhealthy bonds learned in this world.


Agree with UP.. curiosity.

Tim O'Connor

Awareness is given to all of us – but what do you do with it – Appreciation is more constructive – it can sacrifice itself for those it appreciates in order to be endowed with rewards of God…

Inner Peace



The most constructive is fear. More inventions, ideas, and advancements were made throughout the years with the idea of avoiding a negative result. People were afraid of something, so they created something that would erase the problem and thereby destroy the fear.
The least constructive and most often sought out emotions and state-of-minds are peace and harmony. If true peace is obtained it will lead to complacency, humans will not seek anything higher or better because they will feel as if they are purely content with the current condition of things.


I don’t think there’s any such thing as THE most constructive emotion or thought process.
We pretty much need them all; sometimes one is more useful than another.
I wouldn’t classify ‘awareness’ as an emotion or thought process. It’s much too broad.
But, given what you say, you might be interested in reading Carl Rogers. He talks a lot of being ‘congruent’ or ‘transparent’ or ‘genuine’ — where what we show others, what we’re experiencing, and what is going on deeply with us are all the same: we’re aware of all three, and they all match.
I have no religious or spiritual beliefs.

Ambivalent Bittern

Compassion, I think. And as with your sister question concerning the most DEstructive emotion, I don’t think Judaism has a particular influence in this, though my work as a psychotherapist decidedly does. Compassion for oneself is the beginning of all wisdom…… or at least, that’s one way to understand it. Having compassion for oneself implies a level of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, ‘warts and all’, and once we get there, understanding of and compassion for others becomes possible. This does not imply ‘approval’ (as is often misunderstood – this isn’t a wet limp sort of ‘being nice to everyone’ matter, in fact compassion can be extremely muscular and forceful).


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