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What do you do with your energy during Meditation?

by VeiledVisitor:

I’ve been trying to mediatate, and I have been having a lot of strange things happening.
Firstly, I usually just lay in bed and focus on my breathing. I’ve been able to relax deeply at times, to the point where I can sort of feel the blood flowing in my body.
Once I felt as though I was very light inside my skin. I don’t know how to describe it, other than it kind of felt like my skin just my clothing and that the real me was in these really loose clothes that I could just slip out of. I felt as though I could leave my body as I lay there, but then I thought I heard a noise outside and I snapped out of it. I think I could probably get to this point again, because I was very relaxed and not really trying at the time to make anything happen, it just did.

I’ve been able to kind of see flashes of color or maybe a bit of dream starting. I have even been able to lucid dream at times. Once I was in a place that looked like a cloud bank. Bright blue sky above me and lots of clouds below. That was interesting and peaceful. I’ve been dreaming about being in the woods a lot, with a lot of nice trees and one really big tree in the center of the forest. Sometimes I try to make it to the big tree, but I don’t. Other times I make it there, and then I don’t really know what to do, but I am happy just being there.

But lately I have been getting a lot of energy flowing around. I don’t know how to describe this other than a kind of vibration. I’ve been trying to send the energy upward but it usually just ends in me having an orgasm, which is pleasent at times and sometimes so strong it is painful.

I don’t think I am doing meditation right, because I heard that the energy is supposed to flow up or out, but mine is just more like a sexual energy than anything else. While this is very interesting, I’d like to experience something else. I’m even kind of embarrassed that this is what is happening, because it seems kind of the wrong thing to be happening, but maybe it isn’t unusual for someone who is just starting this.

Has this ever happened to you? I need someone who really knows about mediation, not just someone telling me that this is rubbish. I can tell it isn’t rubbish now, because I do feel all these weird effects, but I want to go further. My ultimate goal is just relaxation and healing my own body. But if I can develop some way to help others with just good intention or something, that would be good too. I’m not sure about having an OBE or transandential state. I don’t think I have had that actually happen yet. I usually start to feel sleepy during meditation and then I turn over and go to sleep, so I think anything that happens after that is just a dream anyway. Other times I just have to stop the meditation because the feelings I have I don’t like. I feel like my heart is racing, my legs feel restless, and I feel like I have to just move around. Sometimes I get to this point and I try to get past it to see what will happen, but I don’t like the way it feels.

Answer by Tardacus
i usually meditate while i`m sleeping, so i dont have any energy