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what do you do with a deck of tarot cards when there is one missing?

i recieved a deck of tarot cards that my mom has had for over 31 years and there is a card missing. what do i do with it?


  1. First I would keep the cards in a box, where you know they are. Ask your mom how long has that card been missing. If it has been for a long time then ask her how she used the tarot without it. Also, you might want to have your own deck.

  2. Personally, I would make your Mom a Shadow box out of the cards…just to show her that you love her…
    BTW, a damaged or incomplete deck is useless…

  3. you should go out into the world and find the missing card?
    we all should find our missing card?
    what is the color of your missing card?
    is it a red heart?
    or the black queen?
    hmm ?

  4. Replace it. Ask your mom if she knew a card was missing and if she did, ask what happened to it. Use the cards in craft projects where you might use a greeting card.


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