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What Do You Do When You're Around Negative People?

What do you do when you’re around negative people? Did you know that thoughts are energy? If people send you good vibes or if you’re around positive people, you feel great and wonderful. But if you’re around people who often complains, negative or just plain mean spirited, this includes: friends, family, co-workers, classmates, etc…their energy can be detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. What I do is I imagine myself being surrounded with a circle of mirrors with me in it, the mirrors are facing outward, so it only draws positive energy to me and repels negative energy. So if I’m around negative people, those negative people finds a way leaving the room, makes excuses not to be around or what not, and usually, those people don’t know why they want to leave and people who are positive stay in the room or like being around me. Try this exercise cuz it works!
Let me know you’re experiences with negative people.


  1. I dont let people get me down,, I surrond myself with loving , caring , respectful people,, If I am somewhere and I dont like the vibe, I leave, because they are not worth my time.. I’m an awesome person and I wont allow a negative person to make me feel bad..

  2. I sort of sponge off of people’s emotions too.. Try to put up a barrier, dont let their problems become your problems, find some positive thing to think about like “I dont want to be negative because these people are probably dealing with enough shit” or something. Find some bit of kindness for their sad situation and it will make things alot better

  3. interesting question.
    i used to be a negative person, didnt want ANY friends
    .people need energy, enthusiasm, ambition… being negative is also kind of selfish… now when i see a negative person talk, i try to help, if not, then i kind of go further away from them… happiness takes effort, and if you are with people that complain and dont think about future plans… then YOU are the one to blame.
    Sometimes when people talk or act “negatively” it also makes me think, i kind of say this in my mind ” i gotta do it else ill be stuck later” !!!


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