Home Discussion Forum What do YOU do to boost your energy? Read details?

What do YOU do to boost your energy? Read details?

I got 9 hours of sleep last night but I am sooo extremely tired right now for some reason. I think I personally need more than 9 hours of sleep at night.
Anyways, is there something I should eat/drink/do right this moment to help WAKE ME UP!? I have been drinking a lot of water…
Should I make some chi tea or something?
lorbell—hmm, that’s interesting about getting too much sleep! I’ve never thought about that!


  1. This may sound strange, but you could be getting too much sleep. Some people function better when they have 6 or 7 hours of sleep rather than 8 or 9. The tea would be good for a boost of energy, or you could drink a sugar free energy drink, although those are still pretty bad for you. You could also get some exercise, maybe a brisk walk if you are at work. That always wakes me up.

  2. i found a flovor of Crystal Light that is specially for energy. its…i think Strawberry Kiwi..and it says “Energy” on the box. i drink about 4 24 oz. water bottles of this a day…with only half a packet of the powder in each. the day that i bought it and drank these 4 bottles of water, i noticed that i was alot more alert and refreshed that day. usually i am quite sluggish and bored.
    it tastes really good too. and you get your water intake so your metabolism is increased. a box of 10 is like 2 dollars. amd that it actually 20 servings.

  3. It is true that if you get too much sleep it will leave you drained and exhausted. You need to find the prefect number of hours for you.
    You can also try energy drinks to help you get going in the morning…or nodoz…both of which will probably leave yo crashing after a few hours. You can also try vitamin B complex…or what ever it’s called where they have all the B vitamins in one pill…they will give you energy…and you can take a high dosage if you need to.
    Good Luck


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