What do you do if someone gets in the express lane at the supermarket with more than 10 products?





This happened to me once again when I was in an bit of hurry during my lunch break. Some old hag (probably with dementia or maybe semi illeterate) got in front of me. Needless to say I was muttering under my breath but I was wondering how can I politely tell the next culprit to get the HELL OUT OF THIS LANE (p.s. the cashiers NEVER say anything)
trysdott, I was joking about having dementia at an old age…just because someone is old doesn’t mean they are not above reproach. But I have yet to see a young try that stunt.


  1. Just because you are in a hurry and they are in the wrong line doesn’t mean you can be rude to them. You shouldn’t say anything. Just suck it up or go somewhere else.

  2. Wow, the level of your respect and sympathy for the elderly with old age issues just stuns the mind. Please try not to set your standards so high. You might hurt yourself.
    Give the poor lady a break.
    If it was your grandmother, how would you want her to be treated?
    Some day you’re going to be old, and then what went around is going to come around.
    We cashiers don’t say anything for two reasons-
    1. The store policy states we can’t, unless it’s so far above 10, that it’s insane. Even then, many of the 10 items or less lanes are also the only tobacco lane (like it is at WalMart). So then what do we do? Tell the people they have to go through TWO lanes?
    2. It’s not worth the battle. Period. When you’re a cashier, you’ll understand.
    You keep stressing on little stuff like this, and you are going to grey early, get high blood pressure and die of a stroke at a young age.
    But look at the bright side.
    At least you won’t live to be an old hag who holds up lines, inconveniencing the more important people in society!

  3. anymore, no one cares about the item number. That was like an old rule. Now they are about getting people in and out of there. Could you imagine if they turned away people just for having more than 10 items? There would practically be no use for the register because now people stock up on groceries to avoid several trips to the store. That would cost time and money.

  4. I don’t stand and count what is in people’s carts when I’m in line. We have a good number of express lanes in my supermarket and people generally pay attention to them and if someone gets in them, they’re usually pretty close to what they need to be so I could care less if they’re a couple items over.

  5. I’ve been in the exact opposite situation where I’ve had more than 10 items in my cart and the cashier calls me over to check me out. So blame the cashier next time. You really don’t know if that was the situation or if the customer really WAS intending to be arrogant.

  6. It depends how many more items, 1 or 2 or a fully
    loaded cart… and also whether you feel like making
    an issue out of it. You can say “excuse me, you’re
    not supposed to be here” but I’ve been told by the
    cashier that it’s not a rule it’s just a guideline and
    if someone insists on checking out there, they do
    it no matter how many items they have.

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