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What do you consider to be the best Magick books?

I really want to practice Magick while I’m still young so the older I grow the better I get. I know there is tons of books both online and in stores. But I don’t know where to start or which one works for real. If you practice Magick or know about it please help me out.
Please I did not ask if you thought it was real or not or if is good or bad.
I want specific books from those that practice magick.
Thank You for the people that have answered with good reading material.


  1. I don’t think practicing Magick is a very suitable hobby. Especially not black Magick. I’m assuming you’ve heard of the Threefold Law, correct? Yeah… I would just stay away from it all together.

  2. ………………………………. uummm I hope that this is a joke. magic is not real, nor will it ever be. Satan is real so evil spirits are real but not like ghosts and potions and brooms and all that crap. Well I hope I helped.

  3. Had to give Crystal a thumbs up – just to be contrary 😉
    The best place to start with magic is to understand the definition of the word: “Magic is the art and science of affecting change through the application of your will.” Mr. Crowley I belive gets the credit for that quote. I’d suggest you find a book on beginning witchcraft by Scott Cunningham.

  4. titles to research: shamanism, wicca, divination, telepathy, psychicism and mythos on Merlin and Aruthur. Druidism is another.

  5. my moms grandmother had a book on White magic… but she lost it so I’m at a loss… stupid home made books get lost to easily lol 

  6. So. You want a bad book eh ? LOL
    Ok. “Lieber al vel Legis”. by Crowley
    But you know thats rather advanced don’t you. so.
    Start with “Moonchild”. by Crowley again.
    Just for poops and giggles read anything by Hakim Bey. That’ll get your titties in a twist. LOL
    Thats a good start.

  7. I’ll give you a reverse referral. Stay away from anything associated with the names D.J. Cooper, D.J. Conway, Silver Ravenwolf, and Ralph Blum.
    Check the biblography at the back. If an author doesn’t reference anything but their own books, pitch it in the garbage. If they extensively reference the 4 above names, leave it on the bookstore shelf.

  8. Magic is the use of energy to create change and is NOT color coded. I would recommend starting with Chris Penzak’s book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. As far as avoiding any particular authors – I wouldn’t. I’ve read quite a few books that others would say not to read and have always found something of value in them even if I didn’t necessarily agree with everything written.

  9. Books are purely for reference, not to teach you rituals or spells.
    The idea behind the practice is that you write and perform your own ritual work.
    Good reference books, well that depends. Are you interested in Egyptian Magick, Shamanism, Druidry, Elemental magick, tarot magick, Chaos magick, black, white etc etc.
    There are thousands of occult books out there, many of which are highly likely out of your funding price range.
    You want to know the best ones? Old ones.
    If they are bound in pig skin and inked in blood, then they are worth a look. Most of them online however, are simply over glorified translations of lesser works.
    As such, most of what I learn, I get from nature, practice and trial and error.


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