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What do you consider forbidden magick?

This question is mostly to the magick using community. However all opinions are welcome, even those forbidding all magick. Specific answers will recieve more favor from me. Saying bad magick is forbidden is not a valid answer. Gaming for points at my questions will get you reported, so if your not serious don’t answer.


  1. well karma does an awesome job policing this area. forbidden, how do you forbid an action such as a spell? its basically impossible. if its possible to do then its impossible to forbid it. i personally dont like magick that is performed for or towards others in any way possible even in benefit such as to heal. we have no say in that persons life or lessons that pain/ suffering may possibly be necessary for that part of life. but, i have no say in what is forbidden. karma is a energy of balance. if you send out magickal energy sooner or later karma will bring it back to you. if you see magick at work you know this to be true. so this is why i choose to personally forbid any magick i perform to be for or towards anyone outside of myself. but i have no right or call to tell you what is or is not forbidden.

  2. Honestly, I don’t believe in forbidden magick. Magick yes, but I believe strongly in “do what thou want” and I go into it knowing any price I pay is between me and the management, and I will willingly pay it. Sure, that may sound arrogant, but its true, as long as I stick to my own personal beliefs I will cast what I want, when I want it.

  3. The for of magik i use is accually called “flowing magic” i dont need rituals i dont need spells i just do it…..so mainly i have no area that is forbidden ecept for magic that i cant cast because its out of my reach and ability to control….but very few things are. so to answer your question i belive for each person they have their forbidden areas but its diffrent for each person

  4. I think that “Forbidden Magick” will vary depending on the person who is doing it. I can not say that I would never do magick to harm someone. For example, if someone put my child in danger I may do something to hurt them at that time. Of course, I would have to be willing to accept full responsibility for my actions and take my threefold karma.

  5. I am responsible for my own actions. I am aware of the laws of cause and effect and conduct myself and my craft accordingly.
    There is a time and place for everything, I do not feel there is a form of magick that is forbidden. Necessity dictates the form.
    I would also like to say that I do feel this is a choice of each individual practitioner. I know many that would never do any type of magick that may be considered questionable by others.
    Blessings )O(

  6. Forbidden to me is anything that is done to cause harm or for personal gain. If you are going to practice, then do so to help and bring harmony not destruction. For example, I dont mind if someone casts a spell to bring tow people together that already love each other but arer too scared to say so, this helps them. However to cast a spell that forces another against their will to love someone will only cause discord and the realationship could turn violent. i do not think there is such a thing as bad magick per say, just people who misuse it.

  7. to force another person to do your bidding. You should never use magic to control someones will.
    As for harming it’s tit for tat as far as I’m concerned.

  8. I wouldn’t say anything is “forbidden”. There are things I personally would probably not do because of my own ethical system; however, far be it from me to limit anyone else.
    “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law; love is the law, love under will”. That, essentially, is my take on it; my interpretation of that line is that your will is paramount, but that the love you feel for others is most certainly permitted–and maybe even *should*–interfere with that. while I wouldn’t perform a spell to interfere with the will or desires of a friend or loved one (heck, when my significant other was dealing with the pain of chemotherapy, I asked his permission before performing any magic to relieve the pain), I would not necessarily feel the same compunction about performing the same sort of spell on an enemy.
    ETA: Man, that made me sound like a Thelemite, didn’t it? I’m not. Still a sound principle. Liber Al vel Legis is insane, but once you pick through the insanity there’s a lot of sound stuff in there.

  9. Since the first rule is “in that ye harm none, do as ye will”, I would say any magic which harms anyone (or any living thing) is forbidden, at least for me. I think you need to remember free will of others, the right of others to choose their own destinies, and not interfere because you ‘know what’s best for them.’ Beyond that, good, white magic is not forbidden in any form.

  10. Forbidden majik is any that will cause harm to myself or the person(s) it is directed at. I myself will not do anything that comes from the left hand path (not satanic they are different). The left hand path deals with the dark arts. Satanic majik that causes harm is forbidden. Anything that has to do with using the Necronomicon is also forbidden. Necromancy or majik with the dead is forbidden as well. I also think that “wanna be” witches (should be) forbidden, they just don’t know what they are doing and have visions of “Charmed” and “The Craft” in their heads.
    Also an secret rituals (to the uninitiated) are forbidden to be seen by the uninitiated.

  11. i forbid magick with any spell, as i describe it, any thing else can inteprete it in diffrent way, so there would be a chaos in the system…..
    everything else is like the other….as harm not the other or something like that

  12. Magick which harms another person or which involves personal financial gain is bad, as is casting spells to make someone “love” you, true love cannot be the result of magick. Magick which involves the sacrafice of people or animals is also bad. Magick should work in harmony with our natural surroundings and mother nature.

  13. I consider any magic that goes against someones free will would be negative. This would include any magic that will change someone mind, control them in any way (including love spells aimed at a specific person). I would also say anything that may cause someone to be hurt such as curses, sending spirits to torment, things of that nature.
    But these are not really forbidden. Many people still use magic in the ways I described. They have no problem hurting others for their own selfish reasons. I hurt only if I or my family has been hurt first. I dont do it for fun!

  14. I do not think that any magic is really forbidden. That said there are a few things which I have never seen done. Logically it would seem to me that the only truely ‘forbidden’ magic is magic which cannot be done – and As far as I know there is no magical working which can alter events in the past.

  15. wel if it hurts any thing in particulur on purpose!
    do u belive in pagans and wicca?
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  16. From what I had been taught by my elders before me, there are a set of spells that falls under the Forbidden Magic. Please note that My family resides in Asia and we practice a different craft than that of the Wiccan Knowledge.
    Forbidden Magic Spells
    * To Kill an enermy (forbidden to take another’s Life by causing heart attack)
    * To force Love upon Someone ( Usually horrible ending)
    * To revive the Dead ( because there is no spell to make it rest again)
    These knowledge had always been kept a secret by the elders. But since you seek knowledge about them I merely provided you with some information to enlighten you.


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