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What do you call an experience that you have with god or the supernatural?

Pentecostals call it the tongues experience or the baptism of the holy ghost or the born-again experience; Catholics, Lutherans and Baptists call it water baptism; Wesleyans call it sanctification; Buddhists call it enlightenment; Hindus call it samadhi; Sufi call it fana; Zen call it satori. Every world culture has a name for the experience in which people say that they have been touched by some higher power or truth or god and their descriptions are almost identical. Why?


    (if you doubt me, stand naked on top of a hill during a thunderstorm – and see what will happen to you – no Kentuckys fried chicken is better !! )

  2. I call it life. People use words that fit into their cultures or beliefs to name that connection with a force unseen. It doesn’t mean that the experiences are very different and yet they are all unique to the individual. If we lived in a world without words would it make things better? Since so often just the names being different is enough to start an argument. Just look at God and Allah. Same being but so many argue that fact. We are all connected to a expanded conscious even if some don’t want to acknowledge that connection.
    Love & Light
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