by Clementine:

I’m a Vodouisant, and I’m trying to figure out where it falls in the categories people use here. Most Pagan questions are pointed towards Neopagans and Wicca, and infer polytheistic beliefs, and while monotheistic most Vodouisants also consider themselves and act as devout Catholics due to forced syncretism.

So where does this put Vodou/Voodoo/Vodoun, Santeria, and like syncretic religions?
And Candomble, and Lukumi, etc.
Well, it is inherently based on African religions, but no one asks questions of African tribal religions on here, so what segments do I answer?

Answer by bio-rogue


  • Those are collectively called Syncretic religions, Afro-Caribbean (sometime Afro-Cuban religions) and West African Diaspora religions.

    Answer the questions you feel like answering. There is no required section.

  • African Vodoo forms are shamanic, heathen religions.

    Caribbean/American forms of Vodoun are syncretic religions.
    Syncretic religions are in a class by themselves, because the form is dictated by the religions from which the draw.

  • I think it would fall into the Shamanic category, but not 100% sure.

    It also depends on who is doing the labeling. Most Christians consider anything else to be simply Satanic even tho Satan is a Christian deity.


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