Home Discussion Forum What do you call a person who follows Kabbalah?

What do you call a person who follows Kabbalah?

Kabbalist? I dunno, what?


  1. A kabbalist.
    “In Kabbalah, a person is named according to his or her desire to receive. For instance, if a person wants to attain the Creator, sense Him, bond with Him, he is called “Israel”. This is so even if he just started his path, does not yet see the Creator, and has no idea where he is going to or what he will achieve. However, a person’s desire determines everything. Thus, when a person carries out the Creator’s will, he is called a Kabbalist; a Kabbalist who attains a certain spiritual degree is called “He who attains” (Baal Asaga)… Kabbalah is called the science of truth. This means that if one studies Kabbalah, his sensation of the truth gradually becomes sharper.”
    You join the ranks of such prolific figures in Kabbalah as Adam, Abraham, Moses, the Holy ARI, Baal Hasulam, Rashbi, Rabash, and others


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