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What do you call a christian who practices white magick to help others?

No rude replies or replies stating there is no such thing, I just want to know what I’m called. I accept Jesus as my savoir yet the lord even stated help others, so I am found of making spells to help others including myself


  1. Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so very much! 😀
    Pray right now, and ask Jesus to give you faith to believe in Him for salvation. He will give it to you! 🙂
    The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in Jesus for salvation, believing in faith alone that Jesus, who is God, died on the cross for all our sins as FULL PAYMENT for all our sins, and then Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and you will be in heaven, no matter what!
    Salvation is a FREE GIFT that happens instantly when you accept Jesus as your lord and savior! I sincerely hope and pray Jesus blesses you with eternal life. Amen.
    You will be with him in heaven forever when you die! 😀

  2. A Christian witch.
    No such thing as colored magick dear, calling magick by a color only backs up racism.
    @Yotlady: One cannot be both Christian and NeoPagan, they are two separate relgious entities. Christian and Pagan, perhaps, but NeoPaganism has its own genre of beliefs.
    Hilary: You need to research magick. It is not the magick itself that is colored, it is the intent of the practitoner – after all, that is what magick is all about. “Good” and “bad” are all relative terms in magick, and only relayed by the application of the magick.

  3. I’m not sure. If you were Christian and also NeoPagan and practiced magick you would just be a ChristoPagan, but you’re not Pagan. I guess you would just be a Christian Magician.

  4. You are not doing a wise thing. Why not do what Jesus said do. Lay hands on the sick that they may recover. Give to the poor and the orphans. Preach the good news of His kingdom. You do not need magic, you have access to His faith.Study the great promises in the word of God and teach men what they are. Walk in the shoes of Jesus to help people.He didn’t use magic, he used faith in His father’s word.

  5. You would not be christian. You would be a witch. And to the girl who said magick isn’t colored, it is. There is white magick (good magic) and black magick (bad magic).

  6. why bother with a label?
    people misunderstand wicca and witchcraft
    its a beautiful religion
    magick is just the focusing of energies geared towards a desired result
    like prayer, but in a different form
    dont bother with the labels hun thats where the confusion starts

  7. I would call this ‘christian’ a bit lost and misaligned with eternal truths and their Heavenly Father, is what I would call such a person. Good intentions are one thing – but there is a fine line between good & evil and satan is the great imitator of truth. The Bible speaks of some in the last days who “call good evil and evil good” – I think some careful self awareness would be in wise order here.

  8. If you are truly a Christian you are disobeying God’s word.
    The Bible makes no distinction between “white magic” and “black magic.” Every form of involvement in spiritism is strictly forbidden. The following are the terms used in the Bible to describe this practice:
    Astrologer–one who observes the heavens, believing the heavenly bodies influence men’s lives (Is. 47:13; Da. 1:20; 2:2,10,27; 4:7; 5:7,11,15).
    Charmer–those who cast spells; sorcery; incantations (De. 18:10).
    Consulter with familiar spirits–attempted communication with the dead whereby the consulter comes into contact with deceiving spirits; seances (De. 18:10).
    Divination–fortune telling; future telling; divining into the unknown (Nu. 22:7; 23:23; De. 18:10,14; 1 Sa. 6:2; 28:8; 2 Ki. 17:17; Is. 44:25; Je. 14:14; 27:9; 29:8; Eze. 13:6,9,23; 21:21,22,29; 22:28; Mi. 3:6,7,11; Zec. 10:2; Ac. 16:16).
    Enchanter–to use enchantments; spell casting; charms; communication with spirits (Ex. 7:11,22; 8:7,18; Le. 19:26; Nu. 23:23; 24:1; De. 18:10; 2 Ki. 17:17; 21:6; 2 Ch. 33:6; Is. 47:9,12; Je. 27:9).
    Familiar spirits–spirits involved with those attempting to communicate with the dead; deceiving spirits impersonating the dead; spirits participating in witchcraft and those who are in communication with them (Le. 19:31; 20:6,27; De. 18:11; 1 Sa. 28:3-9; 2 Sa. 21:6; 23:24; 1 Ch. 10:13; 2 Ch. 33:6; Is. 8:19; 19:3; 29:4).
    Necromancy–the art of revealing future events by pretending communication with the dead (De. 18:11).
    Observer of times–one who consults the stars; who believes the heavenly bodies have a ruling influence over the physical and moral world (De. 18:10; Is. 47:13; Da. 1:20; 2:2).
    Prognosticator–one who consults the stars in an attempt to predict the events of men’s lives (Is. 47:13).
    Soothsaying–one who divines, consults the stars; predicts the future; fortune telling (Jos. 13:22; Is. 2:6; Da. 2:27; 4:7; 5:7,11; Mi. 5:12; Ac. 16:16).
    Sorcery–the practice of witchcraft; wizardry; magic; divination; enchanting (Ex. 7:11; Is. 47:9,12; 57:3; Je. 27:9; Da. 2:2; Mal. 3:5; Ac. 8:9,11; 13:6,8; Re. 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:15).
    Witch–one who practices witchcraft; worshiper of Satan; nature worshiper; one who practices sorcery and enchantment (Ex. 22:18; De. 18:10; 1 Sa. 15:23; 2 Ki. 9:22; 2 Ch. 33:6; Mi. 5:12; Na. 3:4; Ga. 5:20)
    Wizard–sorcerer; conjurer; charmer; enchanter (Le. 19:31; 20:6,27; De. 18:11; 1 Sa. 28:3,9; 2 Ki. 21:6; 23:24; 2 Ch. 33:6; Is. 8:19; 19:3).

  9. What powers do you call on in these ‘spells’?
    All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.
    1st Corinthians 6:12
    He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son.
    But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, SORCERERS, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
    Revelation 21:7,8
    Do you have faith? Have it to yourself before God. Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what he approves.
    Romans 14:22

  10. You’re a Christian witch. A witch is someone who uses spiritual knowledge/powers to affect change. Magick is normally attributed to people of pagan religions, but if you only believe in Christianity and do magick then that would be your appropriate title.


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