what do you believe happens to your energy during sleep? do you believe in astral projection?






  1. I have experienced astral projection, during meditation, not in sleep. It was the ultimate meaning of ONENESS. I hovered in space a distance from the earth. But I WAS the earth, and space, and me. I was everything and all-knowing. That was a defining moment in my life.
    I experienced it once more, again during meditation. I had been very upset because the area I grew up in was being blown up by bombs on their way to Southeast Asia (VietNam era). A fire started in a railroad car with the bombs in it and they exploded for 2 days. I read about it on the front page of the Denver Post. I could not reach my family because all lines were down. I went to my meditation class, and immediately upon going into meditation I found myself spinning toward the bomb site and found myself hovering over the place where my house used to be. All I could see was a hole in the ground and the clawfoot bathtub sitting there. Everything else was all smokey. Then I remembered that I wanted to know if my family was ok, and through some communication other than words, a knowing I guess you could say, I was assured that everyone was fine. Then I could hear the alarm clock going off 3 states away and I spun back to my meditation class. The next day, everything I saw and learned was confirmed by my sister. Pretty awesome huh?
    So, my answer is YES, I believe in astral projection.
    Energy in our sleep….I don’t know, there are lots of good theories, some dreams are SO lucid, others are so silly.

  2. Sleeping is a way for your body to re-energize, spiritually and physically. When you dream your spiritual energy is working out problems in your life and trying to show you how to deal with them or what you need to change, etc.
    I think astral projection is possible, but it’s dangerous and requires a lot of of concentration. Typically it is not done while you’re asleep, but I guess it could happen by “accident”. Usually when people project themselves astrally they have to quiet their mind and visualize the place they want to be. I’ve tried it, but have always been too afraid to really go for it.
    Another astral projection related thing is called “Remote Viewing” where you don’t leave your body, but see a place in your mind as it is at that exact time – kind of like opening a window and looking through it.
    Call me crazy, but stranger things have happened.

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