Home Discussion Forum What do you believe Dreams to really be?

What do you believe Dreams to really be?

A alternate life, a for telling of the future and its events, the subconscious mind, a combination is the things that happened during the day just conjured up in symbolism, nothing. Id like to know what you think dreams really are.


  1. I think that dreaming is ones interpretation of their life. I know that most of the times dreams dont make sense at first, but later on they definately do. I have had several dreams where i dont understand them but later on i really understand them. I think dreams are a gift.

  2. i think its a way of your mind sorting out the stuff you’ve been going thru, and sometimes you find answers to problems.

  3. I think dreams are bits of memory and wishes meshed together to form a fuzzy story of course sometimes, meaning 4 times I’ve experienced deja-vu in real life which I experienced in my dream!!

  4. I think different dreams can be all of these things. See, dreams are the way our subconcious communicates with us. It is more observant than our concious mind – that’s why people say “sleep on it” if they’re going to make an important decision. It is also where our sixth sense (if you have any, for some people don’t) is…stored, for lack of a better term. Sometimes dreams depict or warn of events in the future. Other times, it is just jumbled thoughts, or digging into your memories to bring up something random. It can help you figure out your real feelings and many other things.
    For some people, it may tell of an alternate life or a life you wish you had. Repitition in dreams is often a sign of dreaming of an alternate life, and no changed facts also symbolizes this. If you dream of the same thing every night, but everything is always changing, it was probably never real.
    I do believe that people dream every night. For instance, I say “I don’t dream”. It’s…kind of true. I never remember any dream I have, and I have no recollection of having one. But I did have one, I’m sure, just not right before I woke up. For some reason, you can only remember dreams you’re having when you wake up. It’s…depressing. How many important messages are lost due to our memories?

  5. i think dreams are when you are rememboring things and putting them togeather subcontiously.
    i also feal that when you don’t remembor a dream it’s because your so deap in the dream that you have no contious memory of the dream, thus not being able to remembor it.
    but i also feat that it could have some spirituakl meaning aswell, like maby your soal is on an adenture or something whilst your mind and body are emajoning what they like but you ca’nt remembor this ecause your soal has no mind.
    basicly i have no explination just some wacky ideas.
    but its still fun to try to enajion this kind of thing hey.

  6. I think it is a many different things.
    Our past, present, futures. What makes us laugh, cry, worry or angry.
    Hopes , desires. Thoughts and emotions that we keep hidden. Things that go on in our life that are on our minds a lot, or at some point were.
    Times & people whom have hurt us, or brought us great joy.
    My grandma past away 6 years ago. She is often in my dreams, giving me advice. Telling me things will be ok, when life was very much not ok at the time.
    I think dreams can tell us a lot.

  7. This is just a thought..could we simultaneously live in another world?
    Because some dreams seem so real,you believe your self that it is really happening only to wake up and say oh it was a dream.And maybe not just one life but many.Almost ditto to ours.We share our suppose it dreams with some one who is very much like you. I can some times remember like it was really happening, and some times it bothers me cause I don’t remember anything. I know this ,I look forward every night to dream.


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