What do you believe about DMT – PINEAL GLAND – NEAR DEATH experiences?

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The theories that Rick Strassman has concerning the D.M.T. molecule as being the “Spirit Molecule” are astounding!!! Rick brings the story of his research alive with his straight forward and scientific approach on a type of research that is considered “Tabboo” in the normal stream of everyday life. I found his speculations about the production of D.M.T. in the pineal gland of a fetus 49 days into it’s development and how he considers this as the vehicle of the soul moving into the body before birth astounding!! Also in the same chapter he mentions that upon dying D.M.T. is produced in large amounts in the human brain,,(the soul leaving the body) This book is the history of his research, injecting humans with D.M.T. the most powerful, and short acting psychedelic known to man. he includes detailed information about “what’s on the otherside” from test members in this project, describing their experiences in their own words. The book represents a possability that through the clinical use of this chemical we can actually experience what it is like to die and travel to new dimensions in 15 minutes with no adverse effects..
Does that means that there is no afterlife ?

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The Baron

I call it Bug Powder. And yes, it is a drug that induces the near death experiences when released by a dying brain. No after-life. Just chemistry.


There was no afterlife even before he started those experiments.


You can’t see a soul moving into the body, its spiritual not temporal.
what a bunch of crock that is.. just more junkfood science.

The Doors of Perception

It just means that while you die, DMT is released into your system and you trip. It does not relate to the afterlife at all. DMT trip are the most intense experiences a human can encounter. People travel to other dimensions, talk to gods or beings of light, learn secrets of the universe. Usually what people see on DMT trips the end up believing to be real such as fairies. Watch part 1 and 2 of this if you are interested.


“The book represents a possability that through the clinical use of this chemical we can actually experience what it is like to die and travel to new dimensions in 15 minutes with no adverse effects.” [sic]
No, it really doesnt. Its a hallucinogenic that fucks with your perceptions of reality, that’s not traveling to different dimensions OR dying.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnURElCzGc0 (carl sagan explains dimensions)

Kevin Garcia

I do not know if strassman personally believes this but in the book they mention that in the tibetan book of the dead a soul takes 49 days to reincarnate into another form,the pineal gland also takes 49 days to move from the base of the mouth to the location in the brain,another interesting tidbit is that while in the womb it also takes 49 days to clarify wether the child is male or female.so in a sense no afterlife but the idea of reincarnation is used.


I don’t understand why DMT implies there is no afterlife… DMT has everything to do with the afterlife. I can only speak from my own experience with the drug. There’s no way of proving it. There’s never going to be any physical evidence. But the place you go on DMT, is ancient, familiar, and MORE real than this reality…. You go there every night, but are unconscious. Going there lucid is an entirely different experience… It’s where the soul has always resided, during dreams, before birth and after death.
Whoever says that DMT is all chemical, has obviously never broken through on DMT.


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