For the ancient Greeks, the rose originated from the death of Adonis, the lover of Aphrodite (Venus). It was believed that his blood made the very first red roses. Since then, roses became the symbol of love, able to overcome death and announcing reincarnation.

In other words, the process of psychic initiation that is described by this story indicates that after the death of the ego and the descent into hell, the rose symbolizes the possibility of spiritual rebirth under the compassionate eye of God. But this love reveals itself through the goddess. No wonder then that Christianity attributed the symbol of the rose to the Virgin Mary.

The rose also symbolizes discretion given that during dyonisiac parties, the guests were invited to use rose crowns that were believed to prevent them of getting drunk. From this belief came the expression “sub rosa” in Latin that means — “under silence”.

Now you take the floor, what do you associate with the rose?


  • I’m a great fan of your books ^_^

    As for roses, I really dislike them, I don’t know why, however.

  • It is a real and tangible source of aesthetic beauty and hope to me. Rose bushes seems to make a house feel and look homier and more attractive, and they are a reminder that the best things in life do not have to be bought with money.

    Roses often have an enormous symbolic and literary value. They represent many forms of human sentiment. They frequently are associated with love, especially the red roses. Because different colours of roses have had different meanings attached to them, I become mildly anxious about buying the wrong colour for the wrong occasion. I think some of these specifications should be ignored, and the rose needs to be appreciated for its inherent beauty regardless of its colour. A yellow rose, for example, does not necessarily have to be regarded as a symbol of jealously if its looks good.

    Roses also are used to symbolize women. Rose is a name given to women in many languages. For some reason, women who have names like Rose and Heather always seem to be pretty. My mom used to have an Aunt Rose. She was very gorgeous. I only knew her as she was getting on in years, but I remember that she never really lost her physical attractiveness. Some of the photographs from her younger days would make me marvel at how attractive she was, and I knew that she could never have had any other name.

    The rose frequently appears in literature and in music. They are symbols of beauty and innocence. As well, they can be symbols of pleasure. Frequently they appear in proverbs. Shakespeare’s famous line from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ that states “…that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” has been used as it exists or modified slightly to suggest that a label does not change the inherent nature of the person or entity it represents. The rose can represent happiness, as in the expression “Everything’s coming up roses.” It is used in similar context in may expressions. In the well-known song ‘The Rose of Tralee’, the rose is used to represent a beautiful woman and in another song, ‘The Last Rose of Summer’, it refers to the nature of youthful beauty.

    The thorn that has to be avoided in order to get at the rose is a literal and figurative reminder that the attainment of things that are good sometimes comes with a cost and a certain amount of pain and risk.

    Although I do associate roses with wine in a postive way, and in one that implies romance, I do not associate it with Dionysiac parties. My brother’s name is derived from Dionysis, and he sometimes was teased about the wine-drinking origin of his name.

  • The Rose represents you and I! We are a tightly wrapped bud until we begin to grow on the Spiritual Level! As we learn Humility and Love we begin to unfold with Unconditional Love for all! The higher the Spiritual Level we obtain the more we become a full unfolded Rose!

  • The rose is the archetypal flower, the purest symbol of nature’s unadulterated beauty. Bugs are attracted to it, and so are we.

  • Okay, thanks for the extended history/theology lesson quite unnecessary in my instance.
    Unfortunately, for me, the main thing I associate with roses is an awful memory of my grandmother.
    “I was in my rose garden yesterday,” she said unexpectedly one day. “And I saw a perfect rose growing on one of my rose bushes. I bent over to kiss it and a black spider crawled out! I dropped the flower and was horrified!”
    Every time I hear the word “rose” I think of that story and the gross images it calls up.

  • it really depends what colour the rose is. if the rose is red then you would associate love and romance because red is associated with blood and blood is associated with death, therefore for love to exist two people would be with each other untill death do them part. However, if the rose is White, that may represent a birt, Purity, or death in other parts of the world like japan, but basically, it may also represent the ageing process because a person is born (Pure) the white rose and when he dies again the rose will turn from white to red (love) if the guy had found anyone to (Black) untill death,
    and then white again, from the seeds of those roses
    this is all related to life aswell.

    Hope that helps .P

  • death and bittersweet memories. with love comes hurt and in the case of romeo and juliet, their love was full of hurt. and bittersweet memories because of the memories of a past love.

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