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What do you all think of the name Amethyst or Tanzanite?

I am now definately sure that I want to change my name next year.
I am still trying to decide on middle names. Changing my first name to Kate-Jane. I am trying to decide on 3 to 4 middle names.
How does the name Amethyst sound? I remember coming across an infant in the Suntimes named Amethyst.The amethyst is my birth stone.(February).
What do you all think of the name Tanzanite? Tanzanite is also a beautiful gem stone.
How does Amethyst or Tanzanite sound?Is it too far out?


  1. amethyst is nice..tanzanite umm no….unless u r an immigrant and r applying for citizenship its is VERY expensive to legally change ur name…just so u know..

  2. i dont like those names before i read your whole question i thought of rocks and i was pretty much right!!
    amethyst also reminds me of atheist.

  3. Kate-Jane Tanzanite [+ last name]??? I would say definitely not. It doesn’t work together at all. In fact, I don’t think Kate-Jane sounds right as one name either, it doesn’t have a nice ring to it at all.

  4. Dont listen to what other people are saying its your decision and if you like the name then do it personally i dont think you need the name change but if you are sure you want it then thats fine im going to say i like the name amethyst though =)

  5. i don’t think that Kate-Jane Amethyst flows very well nor does Kate-Jane Tanzanite. do you really need a middle name if you have two first naems?

  6. Imagine a conversation between you and one of your friends. Will it seem natural to have such an exotic name like that? If someone wants to shout out your name, will it sound right? I’m a writer, and these are all things i consider when naming characters. Remember, you have to live with this name and unless you decide to change it again, that will be your title, the way people know you. Do you really want to be a person named after a rock? Kate-Jane sounds nice, although the other two I’d be skeptical about.

  7. Amethyst is a nice name, i personally don’t like Tanzanite, but it’s up to you. if your gonna make a new name why not be a bit “out there”? Why not do a Pheobe from friends and become “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock” or something to that effect! If not, ive always liked the name Orla 🙂

  8. I like the name Amethyst better. It sounds more like a real name, but still original. I love how it’s your birthstone. I don’t really like the name Tanzanite, but that’s just my opinion. If I were you I’d go with Amethyst. Hope this helped!

  9. Personally, I dislike the names. You need to remember that to change in name, at least in the United States, you must go before a judge and present your case as to why you want to change your name. It also costs a fair amount of money.
    You should also figure out complications and difficulties that will arise if you change your name. Also, how do close family members and friends feel about this?

  10. Why change your name? It’s your personality that defines who you are. You don’t need a unique name to be totally unique. You already are…

  11. I think its cool that you want to change your name, and naming yourself after a gem is a really cool idea. If I had to choose between Amethyst or Tanzania , I would go with Amethyst. If you want to go with the whole “gem” thing, why not name it after the month of a stone? Like June, December, or May?

  12. I like Amethyst. It’s also my bitrhstone, so I like it too, it’s a really pretty color, and even if people say they don’t like it you should still use it as a name if you want.
    Tanzanite is okey too, but I like Amethyst better.
    EDIT Lucia? Whats wrong with Athiest?

  13. Kate-Jane is really pretty!
    I like the name Amethyst,
    I’ve seen the gem stone Tanzanite, its gorgeous.
    But for a name, Tanzanite kind of reminds me of Tarzan.
    Just go with Kate-Jane Amethyst.

  14. I would shorten it to something like Amy or Tanya. You could go with the idea of the gemstone but then make it sound like a name rather than a rock.

  15. NO they are awful .You may be able to pull of Ruby, Jade, or maybe Emerald. But those are TOO out there. Tanzanite is 1 option for the December birthstone.
    Why would you need 3-4 names jeez?


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