Home Discussion Forum What do you all think of Tarot Readings?

What do you all think of Tarot Readings?

I read Tarot cards. Some do it for fun, some for spiritual reasons. What do you all think? An odd pastime? Or sign of the devil?


  1. I think it can be fun……. I don’t put faith in it, but it can help you think of a problem in a different way.
    I don’t use it very often though….

  2. If people are playing games, let ’em play games. But it’s mindless superstition and anyone who profits from it is a scammer.

  3. What do you think of it? I find it interesting that you do it, cite opinions about it and then let it flap in the wind. If it makes you happy then GREAT. you could count the wrinkles on a cats ass for all I care as long as it makes you happy

  4. I personally don’t like them. I like killing something (chickens, deer elk,bear, wolves) and looking at their guts. They can predict much better. It moves around and gives you much more detail.

  5. I read Tarot Cards.
    What I do is I tell people to only pay me what they think the reading is worth after I give it. If they have no money or choose not to pay, that’s fine with me.
    I can tell you that I’ve had a number of people come back and ask for a second reading even if they didn’t pay for the first and most of those folk will pay for both readings at that time.
    You just have to be good at what you do to deserve the payment.
    But I’ll never turn down someone if they can’t pay as long as I have the time and the Deck with me. Sometimes people just need help.

  6. They were originally just used as a variation of playing cards used for certain European games that required an extra suit. Those games never caught on in the English speaking world so the deck is best known there for it’s later use as a tool for Divination. Like the Ouija they can be fun with which to play, but you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that they were originally invented as a game. Because the Bible forbids Divination many people consider all forms of it Satanic, but that was not the intention of the people who first created playing cards.

  7. you sound like you want approval for doing this. Tarot readings are only a tool. You will always have the final say on which direction you take and so the readings may never come to fruition. The devil has nothing to do with it by the way.

  8. I’ve never actually tried reading tarot cards myself, nor had a tarot reading, the complexity/depth of the readings puts me off (I prefer runes with their “simpler” more direct answers)
    I recon there’s little that wrong with doing them for “fun” (so long as you don’t know better that is…), but that you shouldn’t get “upset” if they tell you something you don’t want to her, which comes to pass. It wasn’t the cards which did that but you- you had a choice in the matter.
    As to their accuracy/validity. Not 100% happy with ideas they can’t predict the future. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_thinking often seen to be a bad thing, but if it make people “happy”, why knock it!)
    Have heard/seen people where the reading were spot on, but other times when the reading was really vague. perhaps it depends on who’s doing the reading (maybe how “psychic” they are/how good their are ESTIMATING what’ll happen). Perhaps the “randomness” of the cards- gives the higher thought processes something to concentrate on and allows the “subconscious” to get on with interpreting “input” without interruption. related to the theories of Austin Osman Spare, and Jung

    Many people label things they don’t understand as being “wrong”. Once they’ve declared something to be “wrong” they don’t want to understand it.

  9. I find it a very spiritual practise – even if the cards themselves don’t give you the answers you seek, it is quiet time for you to think about what you feel about your situation. And that can only be good for the soul.

  10. I commend you for asking- truly a sign of wisdom. Not a mind set in concrete
    If wanting to please our Creator is the mission, then one will examine the Holy Writings and one will see that there are places that we are instructed NOT to go.
    Practices of spiritism include tarot card reading.
    Think of the Bible as the maneul that comes with an invention. Who would best know what is best for the creation than the inventor?
    Sometimes it is hard to stop something we enjoy,but it can be done for all the right reasons. That is why we are also instructed to “put on that NEW personality.”
    Have a great day!


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