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What do you All think of meditation?

I personally love it. It’s wonderful, relaxing, and it helps you be aware of things you never thought you would.
Not to mention when you meditate with grounding, aura cleansing, and chakra clearing you feel absolutely amazing! I also like to meditate with diety and nature. It’s such a wonderful Art to learn.


  1. metaphysical perspectives aside, meditation is a great way to relax the mind and body, and has been proven to relieve stress and improve one’s sense of well-being

  2. Meditation should be a prayer.
    Our hapiness in heaven is the vision of God.
    If meditation is well done it can be the best copy of that on heaven.

  3. It makes your whole day a prayer and meditation by doing it in the morning and a time for gratitude at night.
    Prayer is making our effect upon the world. Meditation is listening to God to know what effect we need to be making.

  4. well to me meditation is when i empty out distractions and meditate on Gods word or His many promises. that is meditatition. To spend time listening to His voice. meditating to God is truth.

  5. Meditation is any form of freeing or relaxing your mind, body, and soul, allowing you to truely feel what is around you and within you. It comes in many forms or actions, but has the same amazing after effect…

  6. It’s wonderful. Great relaxation, stress relief, gives you great clarity of mind, and the guided meditations are like little mental “vacations”… Everyone should give it try at least once…

  7. ive been on this train for a while and it sure is amazing! grounding and owning the room makes all the difference in just about anything you do. you dont even have to be meditating to use its beneficial effects, but you can also learn a great deal about yourself by meditating on these things. if you are into chakra meditation and kundalini exercises i can recommend two amazing books for your further exploration
    Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation by Harish Johari
    this is one of the most comprehensive book on the subject ive ever found written by a master
    Basic Psychic Development: A users guide to auras and clairvoyance by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher
    this is a great book with many guided meditations for working with the energy body, cleaning and maintaining its optimum functioning
    best of luck!

  8. I’m a buddhist and i do it everyday in my school.it’s a good way to relax ur mind but doing it too much is little bit boring for me.

  9. Meditation is more than just relaxing. It refreshes you, makes you see things differently and, to me, is by far the best way to deal with stress. A friend of mine used meditation to help him lose weight. You can use meditation just to relax, but you can take it as far as you want.
    People need to stop seeing it as some hippie voodoo thing.

  10. I do breathing meditation, and even after 5 minutes, I feel much stronger, my mind is much clearer, and stress and headaches are gone.

  11. the only way to lead happy and healthy life. It keeps you out of all kinds of medication and also makes you stay calm even at times when you need to be most.

  12. The tendency to confuse psychology and spirituality makes it hard not to insist that many of the meditation techniques now used are not prayer. They are often a good preparation for prayer, but no more, even if they lead to a more pleasant state of mind or bodily comfort. The experiences involved are genuinely intense, but to remain at this level is to remain alone, not yet in the presence of the other. The achievement of silence can confront us with emptiness, rather than the silence of contemplating the beloved. It is also true that techniques for going deeper into one’s own soul are ultimately an appeal to one’s own ability to reach the divine, or even to become divine: if they forget God’s search for the human heart they are still not Christian prayer. Even when it is seen as a link with the Universal Energy, “such an easy ‘relationship’ with God, where God’s function is seen as supplying all our needs, shows the selfishness at the heart of this New Age”.(75)
    New Age practices are not really prayer, in that they are generally a question of introspection or fusion with cosmic energy, as opposed to the double orientation of Christian prayer, which involves introspection but is essentially also a meeting with God. Far from being a merely human effort, Christian mysticism is essentially a dialogue which “implies an attitude of conversion, a flight from ‘self’ to the ‘you’ of God”.(76)“The Christian, even when he is alone and prays in secret, he is conscious that he always prays for the good of the Church in union with Christ, in the Holy Spirit and together with all the saints”.(77)
    A Christian reflection
    on the “New Age”

  13. King David did it when he spoke of how he “…meditate upon Thy (God’s) precepts…” So there’s something to be said about the practice where it involves God’s Word.

  14. Meditation is the knowledge of the soul, which knows health, happiness, and the best path for us to take because the knowledge comes from within the person it is guiding.


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