Home Discussion Forum What do Unitarian Universalists say at the end of prayer/meditation?

What do Unitarian Universalists say at the end of prayer/meditation?

I attended a Unitarian Universalist church for a field experiment for one of my religion classes. I’m writing the paper now and I forgot what they say when they conclude a prayer/meditation. It’s something like “to each his own”.


  1. That differs from congregation to congregation and from week to week. I’ve been a member of three different UU congregations, none of which had a formal saying to conclude a meditation.
    I’d contact the pastor of the congregation you visited and ask him/her to help refresh your memory.

  2. I have attended two UU churches several times, but it has been awhile. The most recent one had a moment of silent meditation which ended when music began, thus, there were no final words, no words at all. If there were other worded meditations, I have forgotten them. Sorry! I would imagine, however, that it would depend on the individual minister and/or congregation. You could try asking here: http://www.uua.org/visitors/4658.shtml

  3. At ours we say “Amen, and blessed be”, which covers most of the bases. Other congregations may use other phrases.
    UUs have different ideas about the nature of God, yet we manage to meet together every week. This confuses, annoys or amuses Protestant, Catholic and Jews alike. We don’t “believe in everything”; the atheists among us believe firmly that there is no god, for instance,and the deists are just as firmly convinced there is one.


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