Home Discussion Forum What do u think of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity????

What do u think of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity????

hi I was thinking about the speed of light and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Now im not really into books and stuff and i go to an art school so this is totally out of my rage.But ill give it a shot .So lets assume that a space ship is going from point A to point B and the distance between is 1 year light.So the ship has to go at the speed of light to make it for one year to point B!! but since the theory don’t allow the ship to go at the peed of the light because x factor ,,the ship will be going 70% the speed of light and it should be able to get to point B for little over a year but as the theory says ;time passes faster on earth than the space ship which is traveling at 70% the speed of light .I don’t have the skills to figure it out how many years have passed on earth but a guess is 10 years.now imagine we can see the ship for all the distance it did and the ob vies answer is that we see the ship going 10 times slower than the speed of light . So what do u think????
what im saying is ;!!! 1 if throw a telescope we could see the ship going to point B !!! than we would see the ship going slow right ? because on earth are passing many years right ?? correct me if im wrong
I just wont some opinions i know probably its wrong im no expert i never even took physics lol
well cae i was assuming we could see the two points the start and the end and i guess if u measure the time that ship took to get to the finish (B) than ull have the speed


  1. Consider yourself corrected
    ok here goes
    unless the space ship itself consists only of light then it would more than likey appear as a blur if you were looking at it thru a telescope

  2. Why do you keep asking this question?
    And how would lobbing a telescope at a spaceship help you figure out its speed?
    Relatively speaking, you need to think this through a little more.
    Edit: Uh huh……and chucking a telescope at it helps how exactly?

  3. There is a formular for the time. when traveling with 70% of light speed, the time would be 11 months when the earth pass one year.
    when traveling with a speed very close to the speed of light, then you can clearly see the different.

  4. Kindly stick to arts(no offense intended).After the theory of relativity was propounded and published , and for more than 10 years,there were less than a dozen scientists in the world who really understood it.It’s not much better even now.One more thing,if the speed of an object is more than that of light,the time becomes Negative.Simply put,if you travel at such speeds,and start today,you shall arrive at your destination on YESTERDAY.How do you like it?that’s why I said,please stick to the Arts as I stick to my engineering.In our jobs,we deal with tangible things and know that even imagination has a limit under a given set of conditions.Sorry but it can be worst than this.All the best.

  5. in general, you do have the idea.
    but it’s unlikely that any spaceship will ever go 70% of the speed of light.
    it just takes too much energy to do that.

  6. There are many, many books written about relativity that can help you understand it and will give you the answer to your question. If you are unwilling to take that effort, don’t expect to find the answer here. I would suggest “A Briefer History of Time” by Stephen Hawking.

  7. I hope your art is better than your English. Sorry, but if you want to understand Relativity you’ll have to do a bit of reading on the subject. It’s too big a subject to cover in a few sentences on here.

  8. Don’t worry about it. The theory you are talking about isn’t right anyway. (you need general relativity, although even that isn’t perfect)
    Einstein was clever, and got it more right than anyone before him had, but some of his views and theories were slightly incorrect.
    I’m afraid unless you have the maths you are unlikely to be able to make much sense of it. You can’t “guesstimate” answers on relativity. Glad to see you’re interested though!! Science is pretty amazing when you start looking at these sorts of questions. I don’t understand why more people don’t seem to think that.

  9. You seem to have this backwards. Time moves more slowly in the moving frame. So for moving at 70% c over 1 light-year, people watching from earth will see it take 17 months, but people on the ship will experience only 12 months. So the people on the ship actually experience moving faster than they are, not people on Earth seeing them slower than they are.


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