What do u guys do on Vesak day? (Buddhists)?

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We light lanterns and visit the temple and even readup on the dhamma. Also people put up pandols (a type of light show), which we go and see. We also become veggie for a week or so. (Sri Lanka)

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During this time, people celebrate the triple anniversary of Lord Buddha
Vesak is the day marking the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of the Buddha


In my tradition (Tibetan Buddhism) Vesak day is called Saga Dawa. I always do three things: First, I take the day off from work so I can focus on the dharma and spend as much time in a spiritual frame of mind as possible Second, I spend extra time in meditation practice, especially focusing on tonglen meditation to help heal the suffering of the world. Third, I look for an activity in the world to do to help others who are suffering — such as visiting hospitals, volunteering at a shelter, or gathering up contributions for the needy. I generally also send a check to my temple.


I am studying Tibetan Buddhism and I live in Mexico. Our Sangha celebrated Vesak (Sakya Dawa) with a day of meditation and dedicating the merit for all sentient beings. I was not in Mexico during that time, but I attended a large meeting of Buddhists in the south of Spain. We received initiations from the XVII Karmapa. Great day!


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