Home Discussion Forum What do u call it? coincidence or "twin telepathy"?

What do u call it? coincidence or "twin telepathy"?

i have a twin brother and we always study and compeat against each other. and lately we seem to get the same highest marks in some of our classes. ppl call it our conection and the always talk about it when were arrond it annoys us like shit though. any comments


  1. so whats the question here?. Thats cool i do believe some twins can do that i think its neat and the only reason people ask is because they are interested in it is all.

  2. Twin although different in gender often share the same or similar organs like brain cells, so it’s not a surprise if the two of you study the same way then you will think the same way nothing wired.

  3. I’tz Because Your Competitions Make Both Of You Smarter. I Have A Brother In My English Class And We Always Get The high Marks But My Brother Wasent In My Class I’d Probley Half @** It.


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