What do to with a yoga ball and how to get rid of lovehandles?

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ok i have a couple of questions:
1.i have a yoga ball and people say they are good with targeting the lower abs.what do you do with a yoga ball?what are the excercises that you do?
2.what are excercises that are great for getting rid of lovehandles?
any links would be appreciated.and i don’t want to have to buy any equipment.all i have is the yoga ball.

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i do side leg lifts which help me
lie on ur side
prop ur head up with one hand and keep on lifting up one of ur legs up and down
do these on each side
i do 100 lifts on each side


Here is a great website with TONS of resources for working out, and I found a 15 minute video that intro’s you on how to work out with your ball, and using it correctly. There are also other links on the page to give you more information after you have watched the video.
I use this site to help me lose weight, so you may have to log on to be able to access the video. Don’t worry, they WILL NOT share your email address with anyone (I’ve been a member on the site for over a year now) and they never charge you for anything, ever. It’s a great site for helping people learn a healthier lifestyle.
Check out the video for using your yoga ball (or “stability ball”) http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/fitness_articles.asp?id=1030
Good luck!


Do real exercise
Elliptical jogging [jogging while really moving your arms back and forward]


Facing upwards, place the yoga ball underneath your stomach and hold your feet on the other side. Then slowly lean back and forth using only your stomach muscles.


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