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What do three aces together in tarot mean?

I was using the tarot cards to ask a question about my love life, and I was using the celtic cross ten card spread (somewhat modified). In the last place, or the tenth place, the ace of swords, ace of pentacles, and ace of cups came up, in that order; all in that same spot. This seems significant to me. Does any one have any interpretations?


  1. when i do playing card readings, three aces signifies good news or the solving of problems, now since its tarot cards im not sure how your system works, people percieve their cards differently. Personally i dont use tarot cards, i find playing cards more accurate for me. Anyway ya 3 ACES is good news.

  2. Aces in Tarot are symbolic of a creative spark, they do not signify good fortune in itself, rather they are the tools or foundations for gaining that success. Three aces together are symbolic of wealth. Therefore I would read the cards as follows: You have all of the basics that you need to make a success of what you are currently trying to do and whatever that is could lead to substantial financial gain or wealth. Nice cards – hope it works out!

  3. It would be helpful to know what the other cards were that you drew and their positions since the other cards do influence the outcome. This particular combination of Aces is promising, indicating that you have a plan of action that is grounded both physically and emotionally but you seem to be missing one key element, the action that needs to be taken to make the goal manifest (Ace of Wands).
    Joy to you,
    Maralee Fox-Heins

  4. Kind of hard to do this without seeing the rest of the spread, but what I am getting is that you had relationship struggles in the past and you were doing a lot of inner processing during that time. You now have a new beginning coming from that former struggle. Spirit says you are or will be in a relationship where the sex is great and there is a lot of romance. From these cards alone, there is no prediction as to whether the relationship will last.


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