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what do think of this poem?

“What is called love”
The exact time and date of the occurance isn’t clear
Coincidence or fate we took the same path
My soul was throbbing as i felt you within presence
Denser and denser my blood rushed and grew thicker.
My body defying gravity began to lift
Response of good karma or given to me by cupid
As a gift?
An attracting setting with a luminous figure!
Going deep inside my mind simulating all my five senses
Reciprocal to all five, I wondered if you were real
Paralyzed from the lips my eyes gazing
Began communicating to the enigmas figure
Trying to make sense of it all
But all I could do is just watch as you passed by into
Eternal oblivion, as I blinked twice
Reeling back into reality I realized this was the feeling
Of my heart flinging it gates open, showing affection for another
This was a one time occurance
Cannot be duplicated but can be imitated
This is what is called Love <3 what do u think?? In the future how can i publish some of my work??



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