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What do think of this dream?

I have been repeatedly dreaming about this extremely sexy woman.
Well, last night, I had an extremely weird dream about the woman.
In the dream, the woman was teasing me sexually. I realized it was a dream and said, “This is a dream and I’m in control. So, stop teasing me”. She then looked at me and said, “Yes you are in the dream state. However, I am in control not you. I can shift change.” She then changed into a little boy, then a little girl, then a hideous beast with wings, and back to the sexy lady. She then said, “Do you remember doing the succubus summoning ritual?” I said I did. She then said, “I am what you summonsed. I will never go away. I will not kill you unless you ask Jesus to come into your heart or if try an exorcism. I will kill you and drag you to hell if even think about doing either of these things. Also, if you let any woman touch you, I will make sure she dies an extremely painful slow agonizing death. You are mine. Your body, your brain, and most importantly, your soul belongs to me and no one else. This is not a dream. This is a real as real can get.” At this point I woke up. After I woke up, it felt as if someone ran their hand up my right thigh and then grabbed me in-between the legs. My entire body felt as if it was being electrocuted by a low voltage. Every time I am along, I feel as if someone is watching me and occasionally, I hear a woman’s voice calling my name.
I am to the point that I am afraid to go to bed at night.
This has been going on since about the middle of February.
For clarifacation.
Back in late January or early February, four of my guy friends and I did a succubus summoning ritural just for kicks. All of my friends say they have no expericences to speak of.
I come a christian family.
However, I do not attend church, read the Bible, pray or anything religous.


  1. How are you religiously? Christian, Jewish, Muslim, ect ect?
    On second thought, after reading your additional details, nothing more is needed.
    You’re telling me you performed a ‘succubus summoning’ for kicks? In my opinion there’s two things that could be going on, one it’s all in your head, two you’re being haunted by Demons.
    Either of which could be happening, just remember that anything Satan or Demons do they must have permission from Christ. Remember that, remember that Christ is in control. Have Faith he’ll keep you and your family safe, and for good measures…… buy a night light.
    I do believe a ‘succubus summoning’ is something religious.
    It’s kind of ironic though, isn’t it? You went from believing religion is hocus-pocus, to now being scared for your life because you believe you’ll be drug to hell.
    Don’t worry though, from what I’ve read, you can’t be drug to hell by a Demon, only Christ can do that, and he doesn’t drag you he sends you.
    @Amanda- What is a preacher going to do? You’ve been watching too many horror movies about exorcisms. Going to a Church and talking to a preacher will not help someone with Demonic possession, in my opinion.
    Honestly, I think it’s all in his head. But he’s pretty freaked out and he needs to remember that Christ is in control.
    Just stay calm my brother, read Scripture, pray to Christ, and have Faith he’ll keep you and your family safe!
    @SouthernGirl – What? Ask Jesus into your heart? What are you talking about? I assume you’re one of those Pentecostals that not only believes someone can lose their Salvation, but can also be saved by ‘asking Jesus into your heart’.
    Jesus is not waiting at a fictional door in your heart, hoping and begging that you’ll accept him, had you ever read the Bible you’d know that.
    The question isn’t “Do you know Christ”, the question is “Does Christ know you?”. A person is saved by Grace through Faith in Christ Jesus, not by asking to be saved.

  2. Well you know even if you do those stupid ritual things they are real and can be really dangerous. I would go to a church asap and talk to a preacher. I believe you could be possed by a demon and that is a serious matter. Please try seeing someone not a doctor but go to church. I dont think people just dream those things.
    ok chitty you make no sense. have you ever seen anyone with a demon in them, if you havnt how can YOU say what is the right thing to do? I had someone in my family possesed by one, he would levitate things in the air and throw them at the wall. it was the scariest things ever. dont try telling me or anyone else what is the right way to handle christ. so f**k off!

  3. I would ask Jesus into your heart. She’s a demon and she can’t drag you to hell if you ask Him into your heart. I’m sure this is extremely scary but you have to trust me.

  4. i can tell this succubus is really like you,and she’s right that she can fulfill what she promised.
    As a consequences; you shall live celibate for the rest of your life(either you like it or not),she keeps trying to hind girls away,she’s there if you’re involved with a girl sexually.
    you didn’t ask any solutions right?in case you change your mind, i’m around


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