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What do think about the healing emotional characteristics of crystals? Do you think there is any truth?

I make jewelry. I love crystals and I think they are beautiful and really fun to work with. I am curious what you think about crystals and their supposed emotional healing characteristics. Like Auquamarine, it helps you to have better psychic abilities. Do you think there is any truth to this? There isn’t any scientific data to prove any of this but what do you think about crystals and their help in healing?

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Arizona Knight Wolf

I can go out to my front yard and pick up any stone I see, and it will have just as much, or more, healing power than a crystal. Sure, Crystals look nice, but that does not make them mystical or give them healing powers.


It’s absolute nonsense.

Craig W. Dressler

Each of the tribes of Israel had a special gem tied to it. The crystal was one such gem. However, I do not think God created crystals to point people away from himself but to himself. Jesus said, “No person comes to the Father(God) except through me.” The New Age and psychics are trying to obtain power and information from a source other than God, and it will not lead to peace and life in the end.

free spirit

I love crystals too.

I feel positive energy when they are around, but beautiful things make the mind happy, hence; positive energy…..does that make any sense?


I don’t think they have any such powers; I think they can help one focus the mind, and the mind has incredible powers over the body.


That’s retarded.