What do they say about the dark matter / energy and is it possible that it is what we call God?

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What’s the role of the dark matter?

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Sannan Ali

there is nothing such as dark matter..its just something that the scientists have made up to prove their theories correct…nothing about dark matter has been proved and its just an imagination…


It doesn’t have any of the properties attributed to any deity. Dark matter pushes the universe together through gravity and dark energy pushes it apart through an unknown process. Dark energy seems to be winning out.


It watches you on the toilet and shakes it’s head if you play with your junk.


Who’s “they?”
Evidence infers that there is matter exerting gravitational influence in our universe that we can’t see by emitted/reflected light. So it almost certainly exists, though we really can’t say much more about it (what kind of matter it is, for example) yet because we can’t see it to analyze its composition.
Dark energy is more hypothetical than dark energy. The expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating (just a bit), whereas gravity should be slowing the expansion down. Since there appears to be some kind of energy overcoming gravity to accelerate the expansion, and we don’t yet know what it is, we call it “dark energy.”
Neither has a “role,” they either are or aren’t there. And neither can be called “god” — if they exist, they’re naturally-occurring things, not magical gods.


What does who say about it?


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