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What do the Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers represent in Toltec Tarot?

I had a short reading at a booth, and the Wheel of Fortune is my life card, while The Lovers is my card for the year.


  1. Sometimes there are readers on who will tell you. Don’t listen to the fundies their parents have brainwashed them to hate the Tarot.
    Usually the Wheel of Fortune means changes, if good or bad depends on the cards around it. Lovers means some kind of contract. Like the obvious one of a relationship, or job.

  2. Wow Lucky you. The Wheel of Fortune is good fortune in all areas of your life. Looks like things will always work out for you with more ease than most people.. The only reason it would not is if you think and speak negatively on a regular basis or make foolish choices.
    The lovers for this year predicts choices that will have to be made in both love and career. It also indicates that you may experience temptation to do something you know isn’t good for you. Your health should be good also.

  3. Hello
    Did you not ask the reader?
    I have read for over 20 years & have no idea what a Toltect is?
    But as a basic view the W of F as a life card can show a life of changes & Lovers as a year card can show either that a specific relationship will be of importance or that important choices will be. The best person to answer would be the reader themselves.


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