What do the jews who study Kabbalah focus on?

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i want to know what they focus on.

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As in like books? Torah.
Could you be more specific?
Starring as I have someone who might star this and help you, too.


It depends on where they are in their growth process, but the primary focus is connection to G-d through Torah. Purifying body, mind, relationships, good deeds, and ultimately direct experience of G-d.
The point of the connection experience is to receive (Kabel is the root word of Kabbala and means ‘to receive’) rectification of both oneself and the world back to original state and ultimate Good.
The first focus is on development of good character (mussar) and learning basic Torah. This hard work is motivated by love of G-d and a sense of awe. Otherwise, without the proper preparation, a stroll in the Garden of G-d can be dangerous. There are stories of those who proceeded too quickly without the good grounding and ended up anywhere from apostate to insane or even dead. So the first focus is on grounding one’s personality and character. – Torah.
P.S. What Allonoya says is correct. The Bnai’Baruch teachings do not emphasize Torah, so is by definition not Kabbalah. It reflects his PhD in Ontology, or Western philosophy. He has some good notes of his teacher’s teacher who was a Jewish Kabbalist, but wraps them around his own philosophy. Yes, if you want to know more in life, he will tell you what your purpose is (to serve your teacher – him). I went to one class, read the website, but didn’t drink the koolaid 🙂

Marc R

First of all you do not have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah. It is actually opened to everyone who has a desire, or who has a question about the meaning of their lives. Second the focus is all on the desire to attain a state that we currently do not have. I have been studying the authentic wisdom of kabbalah for over two years and it has truly given my life purpose.
For a more in depth understanding of the essense of Kabbalah, here is a link:


Firdst off- ignore Marc R- its hilarious the way various cults and scam artists try to pervert Kabbalah and claim it has nothing to do with Judaism (in this case the scam artist in the you tube video is form the “Bnei baruch Kabbalah centre”run by Michael Laitman- a non-Rabbi who never the less uses the title “Rav” to try and appear legitimate). Kabbalah is merely another way to study the Torah to better understand the spiritual essence hidden within the rest of it. As such- studying it outside of a Jewish context is pointless and meaningless.
What do Jews who study Kabbalah focus on? The Torah- like with any other study of Jewish topics. The Torah is central and the most important factor- Kabbalah just provides an additional element in understanding it.


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