Home Discussion Forum what do the Jehovah Witnesses and other religions think of alternative medicine?

what do the Jehovah Witnesses and other religions think of alternative medicine?

This is a question to Jehovah Witnesses and other religions aswell
What do you think of alternative medicine such as chinese herbal medicine, natropathy, reiki, crystal healing, flower essences healing. Do you think these are against God and if they were then why are all these stuff in nature, the nature that God created for our use?
I know some religions say they are against it like crystals cos it’s pagan, but how is it pagan when they are from the earth?


  1. As an Atheist I don’t think there is ‘alternative’ medicine just medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t.
    And you determine which it is via testing.

  2. alternative methods must be investigated 1st. some are rooted in spiritism and the occult. some are not. we must stay clear of all things that goes against God’s word. if not it is entirely up to the conscience of affected party

  3. J.W.,s do not digest any poisons That means anything with stricknine, arsinic or other poisons in asprine and they drink no water that poisons have been used to make the water safe. J.W.,s have also found a way for open heart surgery without blood transfusions.

  4. No, the alternative medicines are not against God, they are environmentally friendly.
    I am Indonesian, Christian, and close to herbal medicines of daily use.

  5. Some feel more comfortable with alternative health therapies. This too is a personal decision. Still, when handling health problems, Christians do not cease to let ‘God’s word be a lamp to their foot and a light to their roadway.’ (Psalm 119:105) They continue to follow the guidelines set out in the Bible. (Isaiah 55:8, 9) Thus, they shun diagnostic techniques that smack of spiritism, and they avoid treatments that violate Bible principles.–Psalm 36:9; Acts 15:28, 29; Revelation 21:8.

  6. I believe in natural herbal remedies because the Bible mentions it in Genesis. However, I see nothing about reiki and crystal healing in the Bible. Those things have gone over into the occult. If you don’t believe it, do some research on Reiki….check out “The New Age Cult”.

  7. Some alternative medicine are just traditional herbal remedies and there is no religious objection to that as far as Jehovah’s Witnesses are concerned. BUT we do stay completely free from any treatment linked to spiritism or the occult which would rule out some of the remedies you listed.

  8. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    And our church actually backs up the use of herbs (fruits, vegetables, other beneficial plants etc) as a medicine for “removing the causes of disease” (Alma 46:40) and maintaining the health and well being of the body (D&C 89).
    Joseph Smith the Prophet and many others like him also advocated the use of herbs and mild food as the best cure for diseases, second only to a blessing for healing the sick (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pg 190).
    A very interesting question you asked there.

  9. Jehovah’s Witnesses endorse the mainstream established medical treatments and medicines for any serious injury or sickness and the advice of a qualified medical doctor such as a General Practitioner should be taken.
    Chemical substances in nature may of come from God’s creative powers but it doesn’t mean that it is intended for human consumption or treatments. Some alternative medicines are marketed by people who are no more than snake oil sellers – the supposed cure for all ailments. Some are just placebos. Others put people in a belief that it will cure them when it won’t and delayed conventional treatment could be dangerous for their health.
    Some as said may believe that their are spiritual powers in the medicine and again it may be all the above but it would be unclean to Christians to connect spiritual powers with such “medicines”.

  10. The bible says that if you’re sick….you go to a doctor, but you still must look to God (Jesus) for His willingness that you be healed. Jesus Himself says that when you’re sick, seek a doctor Luke 5:31.
    Good, solid bible-believing Christian people know that the bible says to go to a doctor when you’re sick. Sometimes a doctor can help….sometimes not. It’s God’s Will that you be healed or not. Prayers empower you more than you [may] realize.
    People that rely simply on prayers to heal sickness are idiots….it doesn’t work that way, just the same for those that think doctors do all the healing without any intervention from God.
    People have more ridiculous and screwy thoughts and beliefs abut this than a Jerry Springer show.

  11. A number of widely accepted treatments that were at some point considered to be safe and effective have later been shown to be unsafe. This has happened both in the conventional field of medicine and in alternative health care. The wise course is to be reasonably informed as to the potential benefits and risks of the treatment you are considering, whether this be conventional or alternative, and to make sure that it does not conflict with Bible principles. This involves personal decisions. As we have stated many times before, “Awake!” does not endorse any particular treatment. And Christians avoid judging or criticizing the health-care choices others make. As the articles pointed out, in the final analysis, neither alternative nor modern medicine has the answer to all of mankind’s ills. Only God’s Kingdom will bring about a time when sickness will be no more.–Revelation 21:3,


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