What do the different buddha figures mean?

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i would like to get a small buddha statue for my room.
does anyone know what the different ones mean?
and where i can buy a cheap one?

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I’ve heard that the slim Buddha are more realistic of what he might have looked like. Some Far Eastern cultures view fat people as being wealthy, so they show Buddha as fat because of his wealth of knowledge.


Different buddha statues represent different types of buddhism. Just like Christianity has subgroups such as Catholism and Protestant.
I found a website that sells different statues and they actually tell you which statue means what,
Lord of Infinite Light & Life
Lord of the Beyond / Afterlife
Main Deity of Pure Land Sects
Lord of the Cosmos
All-Encompassing Buddha
Great Sun Buddha
Esoteric / Tantric Sects
Central Mandala Deity
and etc. Just go to the link for more.
The cheapest one, would probably be the chubby one. Most Vietnamese stores have him in their stores the most. I think it is because he represents wealth; if you look at his statue, he tends to have a big bag like santa clause filled with money/gold.

Dr.Monkey beef lip's

fat buddha is for luck the skinny one is to pray to i think and the regular mid sized one is the main one and i think they call them zeda or something the way of life is Buddhism


You can Buddha Statues at http://www.buddhagroove.com


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