Home Discussion Forum What do the Christians think about the Thelema texts?

What do the Christians think about the Thelema texts?

Thelema was before Crowley, Crowley just stole the law.


  1. That they are another way to the same One True God of All in All. Same God, different theology, same as anything else.
    Roman Catholic turned Gnostic Christian. 🙂

  2. As far as I know, they advocate essentially the same moral pattern present in all religions – that spiritual enlightenment through initiation leads to a purification of the will and freedom from external law. I am a Crowley fan, but I don’t believe in the validity of Magick (beyond its obvious influence on the psyche).

  3. The doctrine has filtered into Christian churches which has made sin not exceedingly sinful and repentance has given way to “Do what thou wilt.” If anyone can’t see that this happened by the concerted efforts of some to whom the church was a threat then they’re not aware that they are the slaves of the international, banker-elite, antichrists, whether they are believers or not.


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