Home Discussion Forum What do Satans and his fallen angels do all the time?

What do Satans and his fallen angels do all the time?

Besides tempting people and hating God all the time, do they actually hold meetings? Formulate new strategies? Exchange intelligence around the world? Learn new marketing techniques?
So, how do demons communicate? Telepathy?


  1. They use e-mail, just like us, to communicate.
    In their free time, they usually torture innocent souls or play pool. Sometimes poker.
    On the weekdays, at work, they sit around round tables in two piece suits and debate on what to do.

  2. This is sooo not funny…Satan is NO joke…you need to understand that he’s been given free reign of the planet, so that the glory of God will be revealed someday. This is why everything is all messed up.
    1 Peter 5:8
    8Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

  3. They drink beer smoke dope drive their cars 120 mph on the fiery freeway of hell and when they crash and get jacked up so what?they are in hell and screwed and so screw it they say lets do it again,so in the evening they wrap up a day of escapades by drinking more beer and smoking more dope(its all free down there they do as much as they want it grows on the burning bushes) they have sex with the most beautiful woman alive and they do anything asked of them(ANYTHING) as for the female demons just turn it around..sound fun?I wouldnt want to find out knowing my luck I would get raped by a pitchfork 23 hours of the day what a drag……Good Luck…..


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