What do rings around the moon and a blood moon mean? What if you look at the rings or auras and they change?

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color or the moon does. This would be on a clear night.
What meaning does this have to a sensitive? Is there any meaning other than weather related?
One night past full moon. But also has happened on a full moon.
Thank you.

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Rings around the moon are meant to mean that trouble is coming (though they can be cause by certain cloud cover).
A blood moon is a either partial or full lunar eclipse and only occurs on a full moon. It is a sign that the Goddess’s vision is partially/fully blocked and nasties can come out and play.
It is a time of great magic and can combine the powers of the full moon and the dark moon on the same night.
There are heaps of other meaning of it too, but these are the ones that I know of. 🙂
Good luck


Rings around the moon mean that there’s a lot of moisture in the air. There is no other meaning.


It means it is so so bloody cold up there and would freeze the balls of a monkey like.


It means trouble is comming, or a tragic death has just occured. Thats Gypsy belief, though. There are many spiritual and scientific ways to explain it, but because of my Romanian Gypsy bloodlines, I am compelled to believe that it has a supernatural meaning, like bad luck or death. If other’s think the same as I, a Tiger’s Eye stone is the best way to ward off the negative vibes.


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