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What do religious people think of John Edward, the international, famous, & very gifted psychic medium?

I have an appointment to see him for a private reading this summer.


  1. The guy has been exposed as a total scam artist. That’s why his show was canceled. Cold reading is a pretty amazing skill but it’s not a psychic power.
    I can’t believe people are still falling for this!

  2. “,,.famous, & very gifted psychic medium”
    According to who, John Edward, aka “The Biggest Douche in the Universe”?

  3. Ever notice that he asks more questions than he gives answers? If he’s conversing with the dead, why is that? He’s a fraud.. don’t waste your time or money…

  4. Never heard of the guy. So what is it you feel you need a psychic to tell you? You already know your past. Your future is between you and God. You would do far better to talk to Him and search His word.

  5. Religious people probably love him (because they tend to believe ANYTHING that makes them feel better), but psychics are complete scam artists. They pick up on what you wanna hear, then tell you ALL ABOUT it! It’s called cold reading. It’s not a gift. (Unless your aim is to rip people off — then it’s a gift if you can pull it off!)
    I’ll bet you a dollar…. He’ll tell you exactly what you wanted (and expected) to hear.

  6. I went to his show( here@ Hawaii) was hoping for a reading from my deceased mother…….but got nothing!! Wasted my time waiting in line foe 2 hours 🙁


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