Home Discussion Forum What do psychiatrists do as opposed to psychologists?

What do psychiatrists do as opposed to psychologists?

What do psychiatrists do as opposed to psychologists? And which one do you think helps people more?


  1. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, and mostly write prescriptions and conduct medication monitoring. Rarely do they provide psychotherapy.
    Psychologists are Ph.D.s, and mostly conduct psychotherapy. In two states (i.e., NM, LA), psychologists with the pre-requisite training can now legally prescribe psychotropic medications.
    Both psychiatrists and psychologists are highly trained mental health professionals, and are important contributors to any treatment team.

  2. Psychiatrists (MD) do the same job as clinical psychologists (PhD) except psychiatrists don’t do it in-depth, they listen a little and then write-up a prescription for medication. Medication is only useful if you have a chemical imbalance, otherwise seek psychological help.

  3. A psychiatrist is an MD who has specialized in psychiatry. He or she can prescribe medicine, and even operate on the brain. Some also counsel, do therapy, monitor medication, and many more things.
    A psychologist usually needs a PhD, but is not a medical doctor. He or she can counsel, do therapy, do research, testify in court as an expert, teach, and so much more. There are many branches for psychologists to choose from to specialize in.

  4. Psychiatrists are MD’s and spend time in psychiatry specialty after med school. Psychologists come in severals areas:
    Cognitive,School, Forensic, Clinical, Social, several several more….Clinical psychologists obtain PH.D.’s or PSyD. They cannot prescribe medication. Most other fields but not all are in academia.


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