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What do people who think about reincarnation think of the immortal jellyfish?

I know reincarnation is when someone dies and then takes on a different life form, but what happens to people who become the immortal jellyfish are they trapped?


  • someday the sun will burn out and the all lifeforms on earth will die. if that doesn’t do it then the universe isn’t going to expand indefinitely. it expands and then it will start to collapse back on itself. science says so. and Hinduism/Buddhism says it has happened countless times in the past. think in terms of countless trillions of yrs. so the immortal jellyfish isn’t immortal.

  • If only are supreme leader , obama could be a jellyfish, then all generations of fish could be under the rule of this great jellyfish, To science who someday will discover the secrets of the great almighty jellyfish.

  • The jellyfish is an amalgam of organisms that are constantly dying off and regenerating themselves. ‘Immortal’ is an inaccurate term to use at best, a blatant lie at worst.
    How are you using it here?

  • Jellyfish are not immortal. There are many ways to kill them. One of the easiest is taking them out of the water (not by hand) for an extended period of time.

  • I’ve seen jelly fish wash up on shore and die by the thousands. The pop if you step on them. At least the man-o-war ones do.

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