What do people who claim to see auras claim to see?

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I understand that some people claim to see auras, I am not a believer in that kind of thing, but I am just curious what is it that they claim to see. If they are colors then why are they so significant?

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Weird Angel

They tell u about your emotions. The different
colors represent different emotions. Everyone
emits heat energy, which is the aura ( chakra,
life force…). I can c my own aura, but not in colors.
I can only c like electrical energy around me.


Auras are a proven scientific phenomenon, how can you not believe in them. They are just solar wind particles interacting with the earth’s atmosphere and magnetic poles.


Colored light fields/ hue around the human bodies. It is quite beautiful if you ask me! Everything has an energy field, all living things, human and and otherwise. A good read that more thouroughly explains this phenomona is “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield

Red Runningpaw

As I can see aura os others, the outer part of it is what they are feeling now as it goes closer to the center, it’s what underneath and what they are hiding or what has happened, like a tree. I can;t see it phycaily but in my mind, it’s there. My friends are fascinated about this and I am pleased to have such a ability, i also can taste music and my empathy is super strong as if I can reach out to someone I am close to and feel what they are feeling, I;m not certain if this is real or that I’m crazy, but I am sure, that this is something very interesting and I have some other people that can do something like so, like see barriers, or if not looking know if their close friend is coming up to them, that person also knows exactly who it is. SOme of the aura seers too say that they can see glimpse of what their friends are doing no matter where they are, sometimes this happens to me and it happened to my other friend too.


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