What do people think of Aloe Vera for healing,e.g the stomach? Has anyone had any good results with it?

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It has been suggested that aloe vera will heal and hep my stomach. I have some but have only tried it for a couple of days. Things are no better,slightly worse and I,m reluctant to continue with it. Is it hyper allergenic? Safe?

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I do not know if its effective for a stomach problem, but do know it works great on minor burns, bee stings, and other surface irritations.


Aloe Vera is great for burns. If you use it the burn will not scar and the healing is better. l also sometimes put it in my bath water with the juice squeezed out of it. l have it in a pot and when l move it goes with me.


If things are slightly worse then its better to discontinue taking it.Aloe Vera shouldn’t make a stomach worse so if it is then its most probably not what you need.
What exactly is wrong with your stomach?What have diagnostic studies said?
Aloe Vera is generally safe and can be effective for constipation and for Colitis.
Aloe vera has been found is some studies to be ineffective in helping to heal surgical wounds and may in fact delay healing.


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