really ..what they see ..i tried looking but i did not see anything but the reflection of my hand rubbing the ball..:)


  • The Crystal ball belongs in the land of the swami, the seer, the teller of fortunes who reads the smoke inside and predicts your future from facts you have already told an assistant. The illusionist is at work and I have yet to figure out how any of their readings work.I guess dummies like me make the best subjects.

  • You have to shake it and then look at the bottom… No… wait, that is the Magic 8 Ball. Probably more reliable than the crystal ball.

  • You obviously were not looking into a “REAL” crystal ball. If you had been you wouldn’t have to come in here for your answers.

  • They usually manipulate answers that you give them during the course of the session !! To make it seem like they can see into a ball or your past or your future ! Some people who smoke a lot of Pot will think they can see stuff in the ball but its the reflection of the television !!

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