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What do people rely on to get more energy?

I know some people drink coffee and energy drinks.what else?
Don’t say exercising, sleeping, eating healthy food. These are obvious. I need something less obvious.


  1. How is this etiquette?
    Some people rely on drugs like speed or meth.
    Exercise, proper rest, eating healthy food and other “obvious” things aren’t so obvious to many people.
    Maintaining a proper weight can also help.
    Reducing simple carb intake and meat intake can also help.

  2. cranergy (an Oceanspray drink). it also makes you happy and i don’t know why. we are addicted, it is like a drug. I was unable to eat food for 6 months and relied on this to keep me going, otherwise i would not have been able to work.
    Be careful not to drink to much at a time because you get too raced up. Too much feels like you are over dosing.

  3. Ok….so you don’t want obvious….the stuff you should do…..the stuff that works.
    Ok, then —— you need uranium dust. Mix it with Yak milk and drink it at midnight.


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