What do people of the Taoism religion believe in?

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Do people of the Taoist religion have any sort of bible? What is a taoist and what are there basic believes?

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Emily C

They believe in harmony and balance and trying to stay in harmony and balance with the universe


Tao is more of a “way” and philosophy than a religion…read the Tao of Pooh…it’s a cool way of learning about it for the first time…told through the eyes of Winnie the Pooh…;-) peace!
(Eastern philos…not western)

Clara Casey

“Tao Te Ching”
Lao Tzu


The main book is called Tao Te Ching writtten by Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism.
It’s a very simple religion based on being in harmony with nature, moderation in everything, and being very humble.
Here is one quote I can remember from Tao Te Ching:
“Tao creates one, one creates two, two creates three.
Three creates ten thousand things which find harmony by combining the forces of the positive and negative.
A violent man will die a violent death.
That is the essence of the teaching.”
There seems to be no specific concept of God in a personal sense; just an all powerful force of nature called the Tao. Everthing is believed to be based on a masculine, agressive force called Yang, and a feminine, submissive force called Yin. All problems in the world are caused by a failure to properly balance Yin and Yang.
I believe there were some changes in the original ideas over time; which happens to all religions, of course.

Earwax Of Satan

Majnun99’s answer is good. Here are some additional comments:
The Tao te Ching is not anything like a bible or even a sacred text, since true Taoism is a philosophy, not a religion. The Tao te Ching is, essentially, food for thought and, approached openly, will lead to a highly individualized and personal version of enlightenment.
Attempts have been made to codify Taoism into various religious proscriptions, and there are, therefore, a plethora of proscriptive paths which resemble religion. These, according to the Tao te Ching itself, are essentially false.
The Hua Hu Ching is one of the best examples of an attempt to ritualize Taoism. It is, basically, a list of ritual and meditation methods and is very close to a religious text. I found it interesting from an historical perspective, but practially and spiritually useless.
The only way to answer your question is to figure out what your own individual relationship withthe Tao is. You do not need a book to do that, but the Tao te Ching might just help you focus your thoughts and allow you to catch a glimpse of the path.
Also, I agree – the Tao of Pooh and the Te of Pinglet are pretty good Western takes on Taoism, but if you really want to understand what Taoism is, the Tao te Ching should be given a slow, contemplative reading before you even consider anybody else’s interpretations of it. The Tao can not be taught, only experienced.


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