What do mature adults/parents think about kissing in public?





This question is directed at adults, but mostly parents.
While I was driving home, my mom saw these two people just hugging and kissing under a tree. They weren’t really making out, they were just embracing each other in each others arms, talking, and with the occasional quick-kiss-on-the-lips.
Of course, my mom comments and says that the girl was “cheap”, and by kissing the girl in PUBLIC, the guy was being disrespectful and didn’t love her. She also said that next thing you’ll know, people will be having sex in public.
I completely disagree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
What do you guys think?
They were NOT making out, just holding each other in each other’s arms, talking.


  1. Well, any respectable person, whether mature or younger would not do so. To begin with it is insulting because you are behaving as if you were in private. There are ways to demonstrate affection in public; being attentive, helping with coats and other wraps, opening doors, carrying bags and bundles, etc.
    You are asking this in etiquette. I am answering you according to what is accepted in polite society. From your posting, you want somebody to agree with you rather than give you an answer that accords with etiquette.
    As you posted in etiquette and not personal or popular opinion, yes, your Mother is 110% correct.

  2. She feels that way because she has grown up in a different family background with different customs and ideals and a different environment outside. This wasn’t seen or expected when she was growing up. Girls were way more conservative and were entrusted with that responsibility of being a lady and a part of being a gentlemen was perhaps respecting the girl’s character and reputation and not being that way in public with her. That’s her point of view, and if we really were to be in her shoes, we would understand that. I am not that young anymore and even though I have seen it always, I still get uncomfortable seeing what you described. I would wish they find a personal, private space. I don’t judge them though. They are involved and that’s wonderful. I just look away to give them space. It is great to be spontaneous and loving and affectionate, and it is sweet when kept under control. But when it gets a bit out of line I feel it embarrasses almost everyone who is around. I can tell, because then everyone avoids that space and gets a little awkward. I feel it is good to be sensitive to others sensibilities and sensitivities, and know where to draw the line. Ofcourse, people do what they want to do, and everyone should be able to live as they want to, so to each their own. 🙂 The effect might be more pronounced when someone from a more conservative country/culture sees such a thing. They are just not used to seeing that on the streets in full view in their country.

  3. If you were driving past and they kissed repeatedly in that short period of time, it was close enough to making out to be borderline rude.
    A hug and a single peck on the lips or cheek is fine. Multiple ones in a short period of time is tacky. Since they were in a semi-private situation (I am assuming that they weren’t doing this near a group), it’s less of a big deal than it would be if they were doing it in the corner of a restaurant, but it’s still better to be actually out of the view of others if you’re having a private moment.
    Sorry, I’m not a parent. I’m 28. I don’t think it’s necessarily “cheap,” but it’s not very mature or respectful. People who are secure in their relationships keep private moments private and don’t need to overtly demonstrate how close they are in public. Doing so shows that one or the other (or both) has a sense of ownership and is trying to demonstrate to others that his/her partner is unavailable. This shows a lack of trust, too.
    I don’t think that your mom is really right on with her slippery slope that smooching too enthusiastically will lead to sex in public. Most people do draw the line at stuff that requires removing clothing.

  4. Although your mother’s reaction seems a little extreme, I would rather people limit the making out in public. It is not cheap or evil, it is just a slightly private activity that is a little bit embarrassing to see.
    It also depends on the time and place. I think under a tree in a park is okay, while kissing on a bus or in a waiting room is not. Other people should at least find it easy to walk away or ignore you.

  5. PDA (public displays of affecting) like holding hands,looking into each other eyes and light cheek kissed.
    Being a parent and HUMAN I can say,I don’t agree with her.People love to show there loved and no stopping that maybe is low class for her but,is also bad thing if they were in the act which they were not.
    Tell your mom to chill and give her a day off maybe she forgot what is like to be loved first time.

  6. I don’t agree with your mother, but I think it’s an ugly thing to do. I don’t want to see it, I’m not interested, rather they keep it to themselves instead of making a display. Not impressed with those who force the public to deal with their private business.
    “…just hugging and kissing under a tree” Sorry if I misunderstood that. Sounds like making out.

  7. That’s just her personal opinion. My dad thinks being gay is wrong, but that’s just his opinion… She doesn’t know if they were married. I’m only 19, but as long as there isn’t a make out session going on, a peck on the lips isn’t anything cheap or disrespectful.

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