What do I want for my birthday?






I’m turning 16 , there’s nine days until my birthday and I don’t know what I want.
I’m interested in astrology, writing and supernatural, the random, words, colors, music, auras, cultures, art, drama, real estate, fire, movies, travel, dance, self-improvement, self discovery, weird laws, secrets, laughter, things that are unexplained, unsolved mysteries, the minds of children, society, a society different then our own
I hope that helps. Please help me.


  1. isn’t that ironic. to most of the teenage population. its like once you pass 11 there isn’t that one new toy you want, or the new bratz doll… i know exactly how you feel!
    uhh… my birthday is soon, so i have been thinking about that too. but i can’t seem to come up with something.
    what about a program on your computer that allows you to make movies?
    i loveee art, and most of the things you listed. and its so fun to add the special effects, pictures, music, transitions, and your own twist on anything you take pictures of or record. Theres also a new quicktime application that allows you to put in a movie, and take out parts and edit them, which i think is cool
    happy birthday! :]

  2. An overseas holiday.
    You’ll learn a lot of new things about the wider world out there and it counds as culture, self-improvement, society different than our own, art, etc.
    You’ll come back feeling refreshed as well as with luggage full of things you’ve bought that will be kept as memory forever and a better knowledge about the world + less ignorance if you are ignorant.
    Hope this helps.

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