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What do I need to do to have an eternal relationship with a succubus?


  1. Face it, slick — you’re never going to get laid, even by a succubus.
    You’re just going to have to deal with it.

  2. A succubus drains the life of those she has relations with.
    Unless you just so happen to be immortal – you could not have eternity with one.
    You could try an incubus? Wh knows, they might not sup of man, thus leaving you perfectly safe.
    Except for the piles.

  3. I do this under protest and I am going to try to talk you out of this first.
    My friend I told you about has attracted not one but two different incubus. It left her very drained, sick, her personality changed drastically and she needed therapy but lets face it any clinical psychologist would think her insane! I have helped her to the bests of my ability.
    Under stand even if you want this to happen it’s like physical, emotional, psychological and mental rape.
    She has severe social anxiety, she sleeps with the TV on hoping that the electrical energy will bar any of them from coming to her. She has nightmares about what she felt. What it made her do and how like dirt she felt.
    We were both lucky to get them both out of her. It’s a tough process when you attract one and try to fend it off. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to get rid of one after you invited it and gave every part of yourself to it. For as long as you live which will not be long. They do feed on energy, physical energy, emotional, your soul and life force energy.
    You cannot have a giving relationship with a demon. None of them have it in them. They take your life energy, your mental energy, years off your life and if they don’t kill you, which by the way IT WILL KILL YOU eventually. IT is extremely difficult to get rid of it if it finds you. It is as far as I know impossible for anyone to get rid of one after you summon it. And something else and possibly worse could take your invitation. It’s not like you can select your party guest. If you get one it can and will kill you. All the while the drain will change you and not for the better. You’lll be her slave.
    for the rest I will e mail it to you. Again under protest because I think they are foul creatures and can’t imagine why anyone would want to be their sex slave and meal. Meal because they do feed on you in many ways. But I will e mail you with one way I know. What you do with that information will not keep me up at night or hopefully not affect my karma, energy and my soul.


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