What do I need to do to get a succubus to visit me?

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I’ve done the ritual several times. I’ve prayed to Lillith. I just want to be visited by a succubus so much. I’ve been visited by succubi before. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you know a sure fire way to get one to visit, let me know.

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Mad Bomber

Uhmmm….okay then.
Hey…I think a psychiatrist can help you conjure one up. Why don’t you go ask for some help there?


Yeah, you can buy one on ebay.
Not bad for a little over $10


Why don’t you just go out and bring home some real nasty girl and have it every night, with whips and chains.


why the hell would you want to be visited by a succubus you crazy freak. I’m guessing this is your outlet to make up for the fact that you can’t find yourself a girlfriend.

Vincent G

Try putting an ad in the local paper. That is as much likely to work that praying to Lillith.
(Who the heck is Lillith anyway? Any proof that she ever really existed?)

Brookes fanboy

i can send u 1 called jack the ripper


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