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What do I have to do to see auras?

I have been opening up to a higher awareness over time, and I’m quite happy with my progress. I’ve been more understanding of situations, and more loving towards everyone. : )
At what point would I begin to see auras? What would I have to do in order to see them?
Meditation and being comfortable within myself are important right?


  1. I am a crystal adult and I do not see them and I live in a high frequency. I do not know if you can or if I can. These are usually seen my indigo and crystal children whom are very young. Remember, all children have massive psychic abilities is which they lose when society teaches them blasphemy and lies.
    However, if you are able to, the only way is to feel the true emotion of love which is loving yourself and removing fear and then you would have to really strengthen your third eye chakra.
    peace 🙂

  2. Stare at an object just to one side of the person. at first you will just see a radiation coming off them. In time you will see colors.This has been scientifically proven to exist,so that tells you something about how well atheists know science.


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