What do I have to do to become a Pagan Minister?

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I’m thinking of becoming a Pagan Minister so that I can legally perform weddings, seeing as I’m a High Priestess already.
Ten points to the person who tells me how to do this in the US!

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Y would you do that?


pretty sure you can get ordained right online, my friends husband is Pagan and he got it offline, he can preform marriages , hand fasting etc

california bookworm

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Become ordained quickly and easily, and begin your own ministry! As a legally ordained minister, you will be able to perform weddings, funerals, baptisms and other functions of the clergy.
In existence since 1959, the Universal Life Church is headquartered in Modesto, California, and has congregations around the world. The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. ULC ministers come from all walks of life and spiritual traditions. Our common thread is our adherence to the universal doctrine of religious freedom:
“Do only that which is right”.
Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom.
The Universal Life Church wants you to pursue your spiritual beliefs without interference from any outside agency, including government or church authority.
You may become a legally ordained minister for life, without cost, and without question of faith.”

stony mcpot

depends on the form of paganism you believe in. In spiritual satanism our god Enki has to be the one to appoint you to such a position, but you can tell him your intrested in it and he’ll appoint you when he feels your ready.
and a high priest/ess in the satanic belief is already at a position where they can perform weddings.

Magick Kitty

I know here in Florida, any Notary Public can marry people (no religion required). that may be an option for you.

Priestess Jean

It depends on which state you’re in. They all have
different laws.


The term “minister” is not something that the government regulates. Anyone can start a church/religious tradition and ordain themselves as a minister. Ideally, this person will have had some kind of training to prepare them for ministry, but it’s sort of an “on your honor” system.
Organized religions can have their own rules about what they require so that they will ordain you– they may require classes, or a certain amount of years of training or for you to reach a certain level.
Some specific Pagan groups will ordain you, but you would have to follow their rules to be ordained by their group.
Of course, just because they ordain you, does not mean you automatically must be admitted into hospitals or prisons to minister, nor does it mean you can legally marry people.
You have to check with your local county clerk to see what they require for ordination– just because one group/church ordains you does not mean you could legally perform weddings. They might not recognize the source of your ordination.
State laws vary– in some states, any kind of ordination is acceptable, in others you have to submit applications and certificates of ordination and provide some evidence of your qualifications, such as if you had any formal training or have a degree in theology, etc…
If you really want to marry couples, and are having problems with your state recognizing your ordination or credentials, one way to do it is to become a legal notary public. Most states, notary publics are granted the right to perform weddings.


You can be ordained for free online at http://www.spiritualhumanism.org
They have some solstice and equinox stuff: http://www.spiritualhumanism.org/solequin.htm
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